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How to manage pandemic planning

Salisbury NHS; the most famous, and probably the safest, A & E entrance in the world – if you have Novichok poisoning. Being prepared costs commitment and cash.

When it comes to flu pandemics, fortunately we can and do have the factories in place and producing vaccines.  When a new strain comes along, it is possible to take an existing vaccine and tag on one or more proteins to try to mimic the new strain and get out immune systems responding.

Watch out.  Whether it be a disease of cattle, bees, humans or whatever species, it has to start somewhere and it might be your stock, family or you. Hold your nerve. Watch for and observe symptoms.  Consult the web. Ask your vet ot doctor for advice.

Speak out against denial. Many, including politicians, will prefer to think it will never happen. Write to your MP and stress that the health services need funding to make preparations.

Plan with your local hospital or veterinary surgery. Ask what you can do to help prepare in your neighbourhood.

Plan how you can steer clear of others if and when. Plan how you can do your bit to keep society and the economy working but protect yourself.

Bill Butterworth, Land Network Ltd.  7th July 18