The following books have been written by Bill Butterworth and are available to buy on Amazon.

Survival! – Sustainable Energy, Wastes, Shale Gas and The Land  

The truth is that all the talk about global warming and the survival of the human race is hot air.  Political agreements keep happening but action is almost non-existent.  If anything happens by political agreement, it will almost certainly be too little, too late.  Many prominent academics of significant standing have already come to the conclusion that this outcome is probably unavoidable.

Until the industrial revolution, say up 250 years ago, there was a dynamic balance between humans and the natural world.  That sustainability was based on the rural economy. So, the human race was almost entirely agriculturally based where the land and crops were the fundamental of human life.  Those crops had roots which took water from the soil, and green leaves which took Carbon dioxide from the air.  The crop gave us food and the Oxygen back.

The industrial revolution began the burning of fossilised, fuels and energy consumption which all well-informed authorities agree has put the human race seriously at risk.  The solution has to involve a global scale development of what the green leaf does – manage water, remove Carbon dioxide and give us the Oxygen back – while developing sustainable energy supply. This book is part of the answer. It will work because it has already been tried on a small scale and a way of scaling up to be global has also been tested.  The big plus is that it is cash driven.  The unsustainability of shale gas is part of the sustainable answer. Click here to buy.



How to make on-farm composting work

From closed loop recycling to using waste to create crops and biofuels, this remarkable book showcases the technology being staggeringly attractive carbon footprint.  Essential reading for anyone involved in waste, recycling and farming. Click here to buy.

How garden recycling works

If you do nothing else with this book but read Chapters 1 and 11, you will find the “why do it” and “calculate the Carbon footprint for your garden”. If that is enough, that’s fine.  If you want to know how it all works that’s the bit in between. Click here to buy.

Reversing global warming for profit

Global population, conserving fossilized fuel reserves and what the one-time President of the United States of America called the “one best way” of delivering reversal of global warming. Click here to buy.