Professional Services

  • Recycling to land
  • Drilling for pipelines
  • Recycling spoil from Oil and Gas Exploration
  • Expert Witness and Opinion in Legal Actions
  • Identifying sites for Renewable Energy- Wind Turbines, PV and AD

Recycling to Land
Generally, we know a bit about recycling to land and have been doing it for rather a long time. That is, all sorts of wastes, including agricultural, municipal, industrial and construction. Land Research has associates well experienced in Permitting and Deployments.
Agricultural wastes have their own rules. Recycling of industrial wastes is increasingly restricted by regulation. There has been, to DEFRA’s credit, regulatory progress in recycling construction wastes from construction site to construction site using CL:AIRE. Land Research can operate under CL:AIRE. There is a challenge in handling the wastes from drilling for pipelines, and exploration for oil and shale gas.

Spent fluids from HDD of a gas pipeline at Leap, near Poole, which were spread on proximity farmland

Drilling for Pipelines
Well, we have done it – recycling the spoil from HDD (Horizontal Directional Drilling) of pipelines. In one case, twice to the same farm estate. This involved gas pipelines from the mainland to the Isle of White involving approximately 4500 tonnes of excavated material going to proximity land, i.e. the fields of the same farm, thus eliminating on-road trucking of material. Land Research is currently involved in helping develop other major pipelines and the recycling of drill cuttings and spent fluids.

Recycling spoil from Oil and Gas Exploration
The UK leads the way on safe recycling to land and that is the reason for caution in recycling wastes from the oil and shale gas exploration business. However, it can be done. Clearly, what can be done with what comes out of the drill hole depends on what went down the hole and what strata is drilled through and into. There are now drilling fluids which are very safe and new ways of treating, where necessary, effluent liquids such as brine.
Identifying sites for Renewable Energy- Wind Turbines, PV and AD
There is no doubt that energy security is an issue in all societies, wherever they are in the world. Because we know agriculture, we can help find sites and develop the landbank around them. Siting for these sources of energy needs careful study before the event. There are always social, planning and environmental issues. If wind turbines are to be economic, then site wind levels are always prudent. Clearly, wind turbines and solar panels have maintenance requirements after installation but anaerobic digestion, AD, has significant, on-going logistical issues, especially on farms with winter-sown crops.

Expert Witness and Opinion in Legal Actions
We are not lawyers (but know some very good ones). However, we do have very significant expertise which, in appropriate areas, is academically credible, wide technical experience and a history of giving technical Opinion and acting as Expert Witness.