Cloud Corbyn

An HDD drilling rig putting in a gas pipeline to the Isle of Wight. We need to get production of shale gas ging right now. It is a clean burn and will help us cut imports.

Politicians of all colours do extend the truth a little too far, especially before elections.  The problem with extending the truth is that extend it far enough and it becomes a lie.  What we need in national politics, and in its application to the farming industry, is some simple, straight forward, uncomplicated common sense and particularly to simple, uncomplicated budgets.

We are spending more than we earn as a nation. Government needs to stop messing about and get too much regulation out of the way of industries that produce things – of which farming is one. We need to be paying students to go to college and universities in subjects which support production.  We need to stop paying able-bodied people to sit and do nothing.

In the last but one government, the coalition, the Liberals were not given enough credit for keeping the lid on the other lot. Maybe we should try that again.

Land Research Ltd  14 May 2007