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NHS staff need a countryside break

The only way is up.


Farming and the Health Budget.4.Staff Recreation.

I have not heard anyone criticise NHS staff in recent years.  Most of them are underpaid, over-worked and exhausted.  Many feel under-valued.  Part of the cure could be give them a break, on a farm, in the countryside. Regularly, return refreshed and more productive with fewer mistakes.  Worth every penny. Able to prepare patients better and sooner for care in the community.By the way, if Michael Gove’s Civil Servixce advisors have a problem with the way farmers have taken care of the countryside, the should see it when God has it all to himself.

Food security and health security are complimentary.

Bill Butterworth, Land Research Ltd. 3 March 2018



Farming and the NHS Budget

Will any government keep its farm support promise, post Brexit? Should it? Will it be able to afford to? Here is an alternative if government gets short of cash – and it will!

Farming takes around £3 billion out of the EU pa.  If Brexit does go through, then that will disappear. The UK government has promised to match that for 5 years.  One has to suspect that there may be a certain amount of scope to interpret that. Most of the public cannot remember the country being short of food. The pressure from the voting public to support farming may pall into insignificance compared with pouring cash into the NHS. So can farming offer something to the NHS?  Farming manages the great outdoors and produces some of the safest food in the world.  These are directly related to both health (including all aspects of physical and mental health, preferably viewed holistically) and the cost of running the health services. Over the next 9 daily posts of this blog, I shall be raising some questions about the way farming could give the government two benefits for the price of one.

Bill Butterworth, Land Research Ltd, 25 February 2018