Land Research Ltd is the research and development organisation behind a wide range of projects during the past 45 years, from composting municipal green waste, to industrial wastes and the arisings from HDD recycled. (Supervised tonnage of urban wastes so far exceeds 5 million tonnes.)  The basic interest, skills and experience are to do with land.  However, in recent years, it is that extensive experience that has led to demand from a wide range of industries to advise on how land can be used to support land use in diversification, renewable energy, construction, drilling for re-building the infrastructure of the utilities including electricity, gas, water, sewage and, potentially, oil and shale gas exploration and development.  Some of this work is carried out under the CL:AIRE program which allows the movement of material from construction site to construction site without becoming a “Controlled Waste”. This work is often involved with maintaining the agricultural and environmental value of the land for future generations.

Land Research does not attempt to have all possible expertise in house. What we do have is in depth technical knowledge and experience in the areas below, and wide contacts in industry, other technical consultants with global experience covering many aspects of land, and a deep-seated commitment to push the frontiers back and make things happen.

Bill Butterworth B.Sc.Hons (Agricultural Science), The Director, Land Research, has been elected to a wide range of professional bodies including;

1956            Member of Institution of Agricultural Engineers (UK)

1968            Member of the Guild of Agricultural Writers

1968            Member of the International Federation of Agricultural Writers

1969            Member of the Chartered Institute of Journalists

1973            Member of Institute of Materials Handling

1977            Member of the American Society of Agricultural Engineers

1977            Member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing

1984            Fellow of Institution of Agricultural Engineers (UK)

1984            Fellow of Chartered Institute of Logistics

1997            Member of the Chartered Institute of Waste Management

1998            Chartered Marketer

1999            Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Transport

2001              Member of the Integrated Waste Management Group and Biofuels Group                          of the Environmental Industries Commission

2004            Chartered Environmentalist (CEnv) Member of the Society for the                                                Environment

2005            Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing.

2008            Chartered Logistician

2012              Member of the British Society of Soil Science.

2012              Member of the Institute of Professional Soil Scientists.

2018              Governor of Salisbury NHS Hospital.

Bill Butterworth remains an agricultural scientist and soil scientist at heart. His career spans half a century of development, innovation and adjustment to the changing face of regulation that has led him to work widely across the Northern Hemisphere;

  • From 1965. 15 years in higher education as an agricultural engineer and National Supervisor of the post graduate National Diploma in Agricultural Engineering. Later, ending in 1982, he was a lecturer and a tutor in Business Studies, University of South Glamorgan.  Overlapping this period, he was, for 24 years, a Moderator at the School of Horticulture, Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew.
  • Overlapping from 1968. Bill Butterworth as a brand – 15 years as the biggest volume agricultural writer in the world out of which grew a market research and PR company operating for 10 years as marketing and PR consultant to much of the agricultural supply industries especially engineering, chemicals, materials handling, logistics  and distribution.
  • Overlapping from 1972. Direct involvement in technical, marketing and business decisions in 4,000 companies from ICI, Claas of Germany, JCB, Manitou of France, FDI of France, AGM of Italy, HRM of Israel, JF Fabriken of Denmark, Massey Ferguson of Canada takeover of Dronningberg of Denmark, Farmhand Inc of USA and (as Expert Opinion in patent legal actions) van der Lely BV of Holland, right down through marketing and distribution to farmers and one man moribunds.
  • Enterprise Initiative of the DTI (12 years), COI (Central Office of Information of the UK government, world-wide) and TACIS , the technology transfer arm of the EU (two years in Tajikistan. From 1985  to 2014 years on recycling urban wastes to land and 15 years as the architect of Land Network, safely recycling a wide range, maybe the widest in the world, of municipal and industrial ‘wastes’. He was probably the first person to describe how the mechanisms of “The Closed Loop” actually work. (Operating a process and not knowing how it works involves an unknowable level of risk.)
  • Over his career he has been involved and directly responsible for recycling around 5 million tonnes of urban wastes to farm land in the UK alone (and maybe more overseas) and more again of agricultural wastes, From 2007, as agricultural consultant in the recycling of over 30,000 tonnes of  wastes from HDD (Horizontal Directional Drilling) on gas pipelines including the LMR, world record-breaking installation of two pipelines from the mainland to the Isle of Wight. In 2017/8 advisor to Kier/McNicholas on a several £ billion project to take electricity cables to bolster the supply to Ipswich , Felixstowe and Harwich, and to Visser-Stevin on a £2.5 billion project to connect the power from the North Sea wind turbines to the National Grid close to Ipswich. All of these being responsible for recycling cuttings and spent fluids to proximity land which is sometimes lower cost than alternatives but always gets trucks off the road and that is a plus financially, politically and environmentally.
  • With that background, invited to be a Governor of the Salisbury NHS Hospital to “put something back in” because we owe the best health service in the world so much.