GM and GE

Last one for a while on GM.

One of the things I get asked about from time to time is what is commonly called “Genetically Modified” crops and animals – of which the uniformed press and individuals see (commonly said) as having “Frankenstein” risks.  It is, in their defence, true to say that all technology is two-edged.  Mistakes happen and when GM is done right, but in the wrong hands, it is potentially dangerous and immoral.  That, strange as it may seem, is why we should get involved. Genetic Engineering (GE) is dramatically more precise and accurate than “Dolly the Sheep” which was certainly a breakthrough.  With GE, we can now have “Gene Editing” and “Gene Snipping” which are dramatically more precise and safer. This means we can speed up the evolution of safer crops which are disease resistant and we will need less pesticides and animals can be healthier with less suffering and needing less veterinary treatments. We also need international agreements and supervision of it development and use, especially when applied to human development – which is already happening.

Bill Butterworth, Land Research Ltd.  1 March 19

2 thoughts on “GM and GE

  1. Tatiana Karakasheva

    Please take it from a molecular biologist: in agriculture, there is no practical difference between GM and GE. The technology itself is not evil, it is the most common applications that are, like herbicide resistance genes. GM can save plant species from extinction, if used correctly. The problem is – science does not bring money in, while marketable products (like said herbicides) do. I just feel bad for genetic engineering- it has been getting some really bad publicity.

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