Brexit – incompetence and risk.


This is from a British person, living in France and having worked for over 20 years in the French Civil Service.

“I know some people are calling for a referendum on the final deal. Does this mean that if the answer is “no” we stay in the EU or does it mean tat we drop out altogether? The later would be catastrophic for the UK.
Personally I have never been starry-eyed about the EU but see it as a necessity, particularly in the more dangerous world we are entering. I can understand why some people have reacted against it in complete sincerety (especially those supporting farmers in Africa) but I think the alternative is now far far worse. I also think that the EU will undergo some reforms and will be a fairer place in the future. I also think some of the problems the EU has been blamed for have been more due to incompetence in UK government along with the inevitable pains of computerisation and globalization.
One thing I am sure of is that the UK will not be better off with the USA as its main trading partner. The US will look after itself, as recent events have shown. Furthermore I do not believe Conservative ministers who say that the NHS is not for sale. In fact, I don’t believe anything they say.”

For myself, I can;e see a single word I disagree with.  If you, dear reader, agree – pass it on.

Bill Butterworth, Land Research Ltd, 26 Aug 18