Insanity of abandoning production support for farming

If any Minister forgets this effect of a slip in the jet-stream, he or she may well heave the death of maybe thousands of old people on their hands.

The cold snap at the beginning of March is easily forgotten,

BUT remember for a moment the empty shelves in the supermarkets for a day or two afterwards. Credit to them and their supply companies and truck drivers for getting it right so quick…

BUT, suppose the jet steam which dipped south for a couple of days and let in the “Beast from the East” had stuck for a couple of weeks…

BECAUSE the supermarkets work on Just In Time (JIT) supply chains, people would have actually starved and vulnerable people would have died.  Over-dramatising?  Well, possibly.  However, some years ago, I was working for TACIS (the EU technology transfer program) in Tajikistan and, because of a deliberate cut-off of the gas energy supply from further into the communist block, several million people dies in their sub=zero temperature winter. These things do happen.

AND, if and when we leave the EU and we do trade deals with overseas people, exporting services and manufactured goods, and allowing more food imports, and sell farm production down the line in favour of “environmental” correctness, and the same dip in the jet stream occurs, then more people will die.

Why do we put up with Ministers and a Civil Service that has no common sense?

Oh, by the way, climate is changing, it is quite likely the jet stream will dip again.

Bill Butterworth, Land Research Ltd,  March 18