Overseas “investors” buy UK farmland?

Overseas investors HAVE bought the electricity pylon in the background and are “milking” UK consumers. Will overseas buy our land next?

Just suppose we might, quite shortly, need to produce more food, a lot more food, at home in the UK?  Why ask?  Well, try taking a look at the Guardian article by Paul Mason; “The Soviet Union collapsed overnight. Don’t assume western democracy will last forever”.  There is certainly a shift of power going on at present with “democratic” power shifting from the establishment to a “populist” move against globalisation and in the direction of protectionist nationalism. Donald Trump rode to power on this realisation. As this happens, we may not be able to trade in the established way and that includes food imports. It would be wise, as we approach Brexit, to stop building on good agricultural land and make sure agriculture is in good heart. Just suppose Mr Trump continues to put America first and UK politicians continue to allow foreign investors to buy our assets.  Will foreign interests also buy UK farmland?

Bill Butterworth, Land Research Ltd 26 Jan 2018