Farm Subsidies Brexit

Bringing home the harvest may be very different after Brexit which will bring the biggest change in British farming since the second world war.

Whatever the government says and promises, there is a pretty good chance that Brexit means the end of subsidies for productive farming.  The current indicators are for “fluffy” grants for “environmental” protection and projects.  All very politically correct and, as usual, devoid of facing reality of the need for food security balanced with environmental care. Forget for a moment that the only real way to protect the environment is to stop and reverse population growth. Look instead at what options farming might have in the event of loss of cash support.

Farming can become more efficient at lower cost. (Nothing new in that and we can keep improving.) Farming can produce more per ha. (We will keep doing that too.) Farming can add value, – by vertical integration.  Farming can diversify. We really do need to be looking more actively with fresh eyes at all of these.

Land Research Ltd 27 Dec 17