Survival, Water & Farming

Farming, food production and water are not only global issues, they are already significant in the UK’s green and pleasant land.

I took this picture earlier this evening, on the top of chalk downs near Devizes in Wiltshire. What happened to April showers? The spring-sown crops are struggling.  Whatever Donald Trump says, the climate is changing and there are visible consequences.

Read about these issues. Put “Survival Bill Butterworth Amazon” into your search engine or try Kindle instead of Amazon.  The book is free to download for the next 4 Sundays – 16, 23, 30 April and & May.and not much to buy anytime.  The paperback version is OK to read but if you download, it is better on a big screen because of some of the tables and diagrams.

Land Research Ltd, 13 April 2017