Bring Back the F-Plan Diet


Meat eating or vegetarian?

There is no doubt that some general awareness of what is good for the planet exists, particularly amongst the middle class, some of whom will actually do something.  Mostly, however, those with a lot of money (Trumpists) will pay lip service to the subject but carry on enjoying themselves.  Those with less money are just driven by cash and survival – care of the planet tomorrow is irrelevant.  The truth is that the mass of the electorate in western democracies is voting against the establishment.

A further truth is that meat production takes a lot more resources than crops which can be fed direct to humans and meat is not as conducive to a long, healthy life as plant-based protein. In an episode of Years of Living Dangerously, Gisele Bündchen and Andrew Steer claim that producing meat and dairy is responsible for 85 percent of the greenhouse gas emissions from Americans’ diets. Shifting to more plant-based foods can make a big impact. (But Donald Trump does not seem likely to move in that direction.)

To make the switch to plant-based protein, the global population needs to make wind (“farting”) socially acceptable, even sexy.  Pity the F-Plan diet was a short-lived fashion.  We need to bring it back.

Bill Butterworth, Land Research Ltd 18 January 17

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