Speed the plough


Cultivations can be speeded up and with less energy if organic matters can be raised.

Closed loop 5 Saving in cultivation energy. 

There is no doubt that soils which are hit with power (such as with a power harrow) to “force a tilth” suffer loss of organic matter and that, in turn, next season, will demand more power. In field trials recorded by Land Research, a heavy land farm using the mouldboard plough, power harrow, harrow and drill, was measured by tractor hours and number of furrows on the plough. The fields were fed with compost for 6 years and the ploughing finished earlier even when the tractor carried one more furrow.  The power harrow was dropped completely.  The increased organic matter resulted in an average saving in total cultivation time including sowing of over 60 %. Yields went up and were more consistent, year on year.

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