How the closed loop works in organic-based systems

07.02.15 Close loop 2

The key point about organic-based soils is that the humus holds nutrients – including the Nitrogen.

The last blog in this series showed a diagram of why mineral fertilisers are so easily lost.  The diagram above here shows how that loss can be avoided. In natural ecosystems or in organic-based farming, the mycorrhiza, the soil fungi, feed on one end on the soil humus and the other end of the hyphae go across the root hair wall into the root– this is a closed conduit. So, nutrients do not leak away into the groundwater in this system.  How to stop your ammonium nitrate disappearing? Have a look here again next blog entry or get a copy of my book; “How to make on farm composting work” published by MX Publishing.

Bill Butterworth, Land Research Ltd,   31 August 2016