Solar Buildings???


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Promises of new, sustainable energy sources.


My spies tell me that there is a rumour that TATA Steel are about to launch and added value steel sheet which really is a step forward.  It is intended to be used to cover the rooves and walls of buildings and, this is the clever bit, it I covered with thousands of solar cells.  A building covered in these sheets becomes a power station.

I have often taken the view that government should insist that all new buildings, ALL new building should be fitted with solar panels on the roof.  More than that, what is the point of building a roof and then adding another of solar panels?  Why not just clad a roof in solar panels only?

Bill Butterworth, Land Research Ltd, 12 August 16

For a frightening but good technical read, try “Survival! – Sustainable Energy, Wastes. Shale Gas and The Land” in  electronic version on Kindle.