Fertilisers, farming and urban wastes

Manitou compost

Fertiliser costs will be increasingly crippling if we continue to use manufactured ones. Urban wastes are a valuable source of NPK. WE HAVE to develop this route if our children are to survive.

I really have problems with the word “waste”, especially if Brussels and Whitehall (in their great wisdom) wish to label them “Controlled Wastes” and lay down a set of rules. Millions of words and man-hours are spent creating prescriptive regulations – meaning “in this case you do that, in that case, you do this”.  Such an approach can never cover all eventualities and it stifles responsibility on the ground and inhibits economic growth.  There is only one rule that matters – do not pollute or damage the life around you.

How do we achieve that?  By using a technical understanding to identify and manage risks.  By the way, the biggest risk is to do nothing.  We live in a changing world and the tension between production and the environment in which we life is ever-increasing as population increases.  Some of the answers are in Survival!  (Click on the underlined word.)

Bill Butterworth, Land Research Ltd 6 July 2016