Survival of farming the land


My latest book has just been released and it addresses some of the wider issues of human survival and puts shale gas into that wider framework of the use and care of land.  I thought you might be interested.

Population growth, food production and how crops actually feed, are inextricably linked and recycling urban “wastes” to produce fertilisers to grow food may yet be the saving grace in the crisis we as humans now face. However, understanding how to do it safely, and how “renewable” energy and shale gas fit in, are part of achieving sustainability rather than just short term survival.  Add a chapter on the function of government and, no doubt, this book tackles the issues head on with the technology (properly referenced to Scientific source data) and yet a practical approach to achieving progress.  “Survival – Sustainable Energy, Wastes, Shale Gas and The Land” by Bill Butterworth, published by Land Research, has just been released and is available in paperback from good bookshops or Amazon on the web as paperback (at around £10) or electronic version (at only £2.46) for computer or Kindle.

Bill Butterworth, Land Research  19 June 2016