The circular economy: 8. Linear v. circular manufacture.


Power to care for people is necessary but from what source.

The science: Most production processes dig up some resources from somewhere, run through a process and sell a product which the consumer uses and throws away. Probably 80 % of the resources originally exploited do not end up in the product itself – they just get wasted and lost.  Eventually, the consumer discards the last 20 %. Science does not normally use emotionally charged words such as “insane” but this situation gets pretty close.

The bad news: Globally, after having wasted probably 80 % of the resources exploited to produce food, we, the “intelligent” human race, at least a third, some estimated say half, never gets down a human mouth.

The good news: A rechargeable battery is clearly better that a one trip discharge battery.  Better still, if all the batteries and taken back for re-conditioning, that would be a movement in the right direction. Technology can make very big strides in this direction if there is a driver.  At present, the bureaucrats in Brussels are trying but it will only be consumer demand that trips this to really work.

 Bill Butterworth  24 April 2016