The Price of Bread


Feeding everyone is technically possible BUT not without some dramatic changes. Suppose we do not feed everyone?


The circular economy: 6. Population, resources and the price of bread.

 The science: As population rises, resources will become rarer or in shorter supply.  That will not only put prices at the retail shop up, they will fluctuate progressively more.

The bad news: In rich countries, commodity prices will certainly go up.  In poor countries, prices will go up too far for survival and people will either die of migrate.

The good news: Population rate of increase is falling (but most observes would agree we must do more). As an agricultural scientist, I do believe that we have the technology to feed the world provided we stop breeding people right now.  Feeding a greater population will certainly increase resource use and that means we have to dramatically increase efficiency as well as total output.

Bill Butterworth 26 March 2016

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