“Anoikis” – homelessness and the land



Land, the most fundamental of requirements for peace of mind.

“Anoikis” is Greek for homelessness and I rather like this quote about it and it comes down to land ownership.

“Within the boundaries of our bodies, complex multi-cellular structures are sustained by the production of molecules that ensure cooperation and the exchange of information among cells—a process known as “signalling”. Impairments in this process can lead to the onset of disorders such as cancer. If detached from other cells or the surrounding matrix, cells usually die within a short time, a process called “anoikis”, Greek for homelessness.

Whoever ends “anoikis” in North Africa and West Asia will win the war on terror. That is why the West and its allies must help the 80% of the population whose survival depends on the boundaries needed to protect them and their assets (property rights and limited liability). They need the signalling mechanisms to detect danger (records and tracking systems that come from recording assets and firms). They need the adhesion molecules to connect with others and build increasingly complex and valuable combinations (legally enforceable contracts). And they need the ability to use assets to guarantee credit and create capital (shares and stock to divide, extend, and collateralize property). Otherwise, the combined military forces of Europe and the US—and now Russia—will win nothing.

If French President Hollande, the next US president, and their Arab allies are to stop terrorism, they must press (and help) West Asian governments to provide their people with the protections that will nurture their potential to prosper on equal terms in the global market. That is what the American and French revolutionaries did. And it is the surest way to deny extremists the attractiveness that sustains their existence.”

Hernando De Soto is president of the Institute for Liberty and Democracy.


I am grateful to Tim Chamen, otherwise known as a global authority on zero traffic cultivation systems, for bring this quotation to our attention. It seems to me that this brings us right back to a fundamental of our national and personal security, how to farm and produce food, and indeed, life itself: the land.

Bill Butterworth   February 2016

P,S.  Generally, I plan to post a Sunday blog on The Circular Economy  and environmental, waste or food piece on Tuesdays or Wednesdays.