Making N fertiliser insoluble in rain but available to the crop

Closed loop wastes

How much is your Nitrogen fertiliser worth and how much do you lose when it rains. try putting it into acompost heap before it is spread.

The last couple of Wednesdays, I have been looking at Nitrogen loss in conventional farming systems; firstly the around 50 % loss when ammonium nitrate is spread to ground and, secondly, how the soil mycorrhizae eliminate Nitrogen loss in natural ecosystems.  This week, the diagram above shows how to eliminate the loss of Nitrogen from mineral Nitrogen applications in normal farm production.  Put simply, put it onto a compost heap after the compost process has passed its first temperature peak. The micro-organisms will digest the nitrate or urea and turn it into organic Nitrogen.  Yes, it is a fag applying comport rather than using a spinner to apply prilled mineral fertilisers.  The choice is speed with losses, versus a bit more work and no losses. If composting can also earn both cash and more nutrients, then it may be that you can have better crops and no fertiliser costs. It has been done.  Read “How to make on farm composting work” by Bill Butterworth and published by MX Publishing.