Mineral fertilisers – Not a closed loop


This diagram shows haw farmers lose around half the Nitrogen fertiliser they buy.

The diagram above shows why mineral fertilisers are a staggering waste of resources.  Mineral fertilisers work very well and very fast because they are soluble.  However, that solubility brings a problem and Nitrogen fertilisers such as ammonium nitrate are really wasteful because, in the UK, around half is washed out into the groundwater. This is really a hydroponic system and it does work very well and has helped feed millions. Now, we can do better and it solves the problem discussed in the Sunday blog here – No 1 on The Circular Economy.  On Wednesday next, I will publish a follow up to this piece on how the closed loop works in an organic-based system and how to cut the Nitrogen bill in half.

Bill Butterworth  17 February 2016

P.S.  I plan that every mid-week Tuesday or Wednesday depending on appointments away from base, I will run a blog piece on sustainable agriculture, farming, wastes and environment. My Sunday post will for the next few weeks generally be on The Circular Economy. My next mid-week blog will be on how the closed loop in natural ecosystems works and how it eliminates loss of nutrients.