The circular economy; 1. Population growth


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Europe at night. We are growing in numbers and wealth. How long will it last?

Over the next dozen or so entries on this blog, I will look at the reasons why we really do have to do something about the way we treat this planet.  It really is very urgent, not just for our children, it is much closer than that, the next ten years is critical.

The bad news; Increasing affluence and population on the exponential curve of rapid upward growth is already leading to resource scarcity, pollution and health risks which we may not be able to manage.

The good news; More affluent people means more waste – that is an opportunity to re-use and re-cycle.

Bill Butterworth  14 February 2016

P,S.  Generally, I plan to post a Sunday blog on The Circular Economy  and, on Tuesdays or Wednesdays, a piece on environment, farming or waste and sustainability.