When is a greenfield not a greenfield?




A boarded up property waiting for redevelopment. however, that might not happen. It looks like a brown field site under old rules but, now, it might be greenfield?

An “English country garden” is a brownfield site, says the High Court in a recent ruling, but an urban one is greenfield.  This discussion has been going on ever since the then government Minister, Eric Pickes, tried a couple of years ago, to free up land for building.  The High Court in its great wisdom has now ruled that residential gardens are “Brownfield” sites (so planning permission for further development is less easily denied) but gardens in urban areas (which are “in more need of defending”) are “greenfield” (i.e. planning permission for development would be less easily given).  I hope that is clear.

As this blog is about sustainability, it is evidenced here that the insanity of English Law is, apparently, forever sustainable (which is a word which this blog is interested in).