Paris failure – dream on


Climate security depends on Green; everyone must grow something or eat green plants someone else has grown.

The deal in Paris is certainly remarkable and potentially politically very significant.  If the majority manage to stick to the targets, it will be a miracle. There is no doubt that cutting Carbon dioxide emissions is very much part of the global target which must be achieved if global warming is going to be kept under 2 degrees C. – let alone the 1.5 degrees which most climatologists think is even too high.  However, it is only part of what is necessary.  The other part is to remove Carbon dioxide from the atmosphere but in a way that gives us the Oxygen back.  The only process we have at present to do that is an old activity called growing things.  Photosynthesis takes the Carbon dioxide and processes it to give us the Oxygen back. That means gardening (even if it is only a pot plant or a window box) and farming.  However, we need to dream a bit higher to achieve climate security and that dream is to reclaim the deserts and all the un-productive land.  The only way to do that is to recycle urban wastes to land.

However, before farming pats itself on the back, it is also a villain. (See the next blog here.)

Bill Butterworth   13 Dec 2015