Insects and human food

Pink peony close up

The peony flower in the center right of the picture has a bumble bee feeding on the available nectar. Re-evaluating the place of insects in human food production, health and survival is over-due.

Ever heard of “The Grub Kitchen”?  Well, nor had I but there is a restaurant in the UK offering, indeed specialising, in meals based on insects.  Most of us have heard of this overseas but here? Are insects a green card to sustainable food production?

There is a point of agricultural significance. Simply put, bugs are really good converters of poor quality organic matter (and some inorganic, too) into high quality proteins. Micro-organisms in the soil are good at it and farming based on mycorrhiza transfer of nutrients into the crop roots is much more efficient than just mineral fertilisers in solution in the soil water.  (See “Reversing global warming for profit” written by Bill Butterworth and published by MX Publishing.) Maybe we should think about the more conscious use of bugs a bit more actively.  Try looking up

Bill Butterworth  2015