Leadership and the LCC

Arctic wasteland

We do have global warming but UK winters are still cold and old people die . Others would, too, if we did not have energy. Local government should be leading its local people to take care of itself. Avoiding controversy is an abrogation of elected responsibility.

It has been reported that the Lancashire County Council has shelved its responsibility on leadership and pushed decision making on planning permissions for more shale gas exploration and production onto the Minister in Whitehall. As a Lancastrian myself, I can say it; “Shame on you Counselors.  To answer why, try looking at www.safeshale.co.uk on the date of 29th November 15.

By the way, the computer on which the LCC Counselors and all their electorate read this on uses power.  So does the food they cook to stay alive.  And the transport they go to work in.  Let us not make this a discussion as with the third runway at Heathrow. Just get on with it and manage it properly as we can. It really is a question of leadership. Come on counselors – do you job.