Shale gas and Osborn’s Spending Review


Underneath out wonderful countryside there is an enormous store of clean-burn energy. Can we bring it up safely for the benefit of the community above?

“We’re also supporting the creation of the shale gas industry by ensuring that communities benefit from a Shale Wealth Fund, which could be worth up to £1bn.”

There are two aspects of the Chancellor’s Spending Review which just might be a welcome synergism.  Firstly, the phasing out of the local government grant and the changes in the rules about the sale of assets will give the councils something to think about and, as some news items have already discussed, this is very much complicated by the ever rising numbers and costs of old age people needing services and care.  Secondly, the Shale Wealth Fund could be the answer to community care for the aged. No doubt, there will be a debate about this which will go on for some time.  Call it bribery or not, community should benefit directly from shale gas.  Let us make sure it does.

Bill Butterworth 25th November 2015