Global warming and agriculture

BBC 10 pm News, Monday 9th November carried a report on global warming. You can see it on BBC iPlayer.  It is worth a watch.  Mo doubt about global warming and the main culprit is Carbon dioxide from burning fossilised fuels. Just as an exercise, follow this arithmetic.

The Sahara Desert, the largest hot desert on earth, is approximately 9.4 million square kilometers.  That is 94 million ha in area.

Just suppose that we could crop that area.  Now, one hectare of green leaf typically takes about 70 tonnes of Carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere each year and gives us the Oxygen back. For an area the size of the Sahara, that would be 6,580,000.000 tonnes (yes, 6.58 billion) of Carbon dioxide taken out of the air we breathe and give us back 4.785 billion tonnes of Oxygen to free up our air supply.  Could farming can do that?  How?  By recycling urban waste to food land. Yes, farming could do that.

Bill Butterworth  10 November 2015

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