A land fit for heroes



Forgetting is one thing. Doing something is another. What are we going to give our kids?

Lest we forget

For those who stayed up and watched the service of remembrance, or watched on Sunday morning, there can be few who were not deeply moved. The ceremonies were well staged and there was a fundamental message of deep significance.  That message, however, was two-edged.

There is not a lot of point in weeping without waking up to put things right.  In the UK, we are very fortunate with less of the extremes that people, individuals and families, in most other counties have to put up with.  There is generally a better standard of living and more stability than most places on earth. As ever, it is under threat.

We need to have a little less moaning.  A little less imported ideologies, investment, imports generally.  A little more of traditional British attitudes and sticking together.  A little more home-produced effort, energy sources, local control, and self-respect. A land “fit for heroes” does not just happen because “we earned it” in the past tense.  We have to work harder now. A little less Nimby-ism. A little more get on with it and just do it.


Bill Butterworth 11.00 am, 11th of the 11th month 15

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