Fracking – us and them


What has this orchid got to do with fracking? Well, we live in a beautiful world and have to ask if we can keep it that way. We have two powerful cards to play – see below.

Bill Butterworth 1 October 15Why is it that GB plc has to run all public discussions as an argument between us and them?  Common sense and science-based discussion seems to have been lost in the sands of yesterday and nowhere more so than in the words about fracking.

Those against fracking have repeatedly put their case and government (which apparently realises that we have to do it) and the industry itself, have not put the other side of the case, presumably that they think the NIMBY’s will go away and talk about something else. Such a view is both naïve and irresponsible and will, no doubt, result in a charge of “bullying” if and when government wants to push onwards.

The truth is that there is, of course, a case against fracking.  There is always a case against anything and everything; it is the nature of the universe.  There is nothing that is completely right, nor completely wrong. So why not a reasonable, dignified and open debate, science-based about what we do and how we do it?

What do we mean “science-based”?  Well, common sense says based on facts which can be examined and tested and where risks can be identified and managed or rejected.

We have two very powerful cards in our tool box.  Firstly, we have a very cautious Defra and Environment Agency.  Secondly, with the BSSS (British Society of Soil Science) we have the very best scientists, and the most independent-minded and trustable, to monitor the technology and its effect on the environment. Nobody could do this better.  So, let us have the debate and decide if we want to control our own future at local level.