Immigration, Energy and Shale. Gas


Food security depends on land available for farming. They have stopped making land. People need housing. Houses are built on land. They have stopped making land. Immigration is not about race; it is about numbers.

The UK had a net immigration rate last year of 330,000 and that is what government admits to.  As death rates are still falling, the truth is that we probably had something approaching an extra half million people in the UK last year.  This year will probably be similar except that we have agreed to take a while lot of extra immigrants because of the Middle East migration crisis. That is approaching 1%  in one year.  That means 1% more housing and 1% more energy. Where is that energy coming from?  Renewables are taking too long. The advantage of shale gas is that it is possible to build gas-fired power stations very quickly.  And shale is the cleanest hydrocarbon burn.

British drilling technology is the safest in the world and it is possible, if the right drilling fluids are used, to put drill cuttings and spent fluids on the field next door – safely and gets trucks off the road.