Shale gas licences

Dad drilling 3

Cutting and spent fluids from deep drilling. This material was put safely, with Environment Agency permissions and supervision, onto agricultural land next door to the drilling site. No trucks went on the public roads.The recent announcement that the UK government has licenced more areas for “unconventional gas” exploration has sparked a media frenzy talking to objectors – most of whom take an extreme point of view regardless of consequences.

Suppose we ask a protester if they use electricity in their home.  Most would have to admit that they do.  If they were then asked whether they would like to have that electricity generated by nuclear, oil or coal, then most would avoid answering directly and, instead, insist that that they would prefer “renewable” energy.

The problem is that most of the renewables are not sustainable – yet at least, some never; we will never get out the energy we put in. We need time to develop efficient and sustainable renewable energy formats. When we have them, it will take several generations to build enough for global needs.

The fact is that, for now, shale gas is the cleanest burn of all the possible fuels we have at present which could supply the nation’s needs. Sorry, it really is as simple as that.

By the way, in the UK, we really do have the best technology, the safest environmentally and best monitoring and control systems in the world.  So, media moguls, please can we have a balanced discussion based on facts.