Absence of logic and common sense

  •  Promises that cannot possibly be met
  • Exports by Rolls Royce
  • Saving imports with oil and gas
  • Damage to the environment

By Bill Butterworth

19 April 15


Alps dam 3

Politicians and the civil service use the word “environment” but do they know what it is and what might damage it?

I do not normally use this column to talk about politics.  I was trained as a scientist and the illogical arguments and the promises (which largely amount to plain bribery) that cannot possibly be delivered do make me wonder whether it is the politicians who think we, the common people, will believe them or too many of us do.  Churchill said that we “get the government we deserve” and that also worries me.

Why raise this here?  Well, we have an enormous national debt and I see little concrete proposals from any politician about how to actually wind up British business. We can certainly match the world.  Rolls Royce’s recent winning of a record export order from outside the EU is demonstrative of world lead.  How do we arrange some more of that?  Well, not much from the politicians.  There is another approach and here the politicians could help. That is to save imports and oil and gas could do that on a grand scale.  Would oil and shale exploration damage “the environment”?  Probably, even certainly, much less that the building of even only 100,000 houses on good farm land. That number of houses is the minimum number we need to keep up with immigration.

This brings me back to the lack of logic or even common sense. They have stopped making land and common sense is not common any more.

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