Vladimir Putin, shale gas and fracking


  • The Times newspaper suggests gas from Russia may get turned off.
  • The UK government has invested £30 million in showing that shale gas exploration works and is safe.
  • Geothermal energy usually involves fracking.

By Bill Butterworth

26 February 15


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A report in the Times, today 26 February 15, suggest that Vladimir Putin might turn off the gas to Europe if we do not allow him to do what he wants to do in the Ukraine. Well, we could go on arguing about whether we do or do not allow shale gas exploration in the UK or we could just get on with it. Only the naïve might not have expected Mr Putin to use his energy power for political ends. Only irresponsible idiots out-source energy supplies when they do not have to. We do have our own gas and we are foolish not to develop it.

By the way, for those who favour geothermal energy (by drilling deep and pumping water down and bringing it up hot), this form of drilling usually demands fracking for it to work and bring up heat sustainably. So, if you are against fracking, you are against geothermal energy, too.

The government has invested £30 million in several universities for them to prove what we already know that shale gas works and can be done safely with British, home-grown technology.